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Our Lecturers

Dr. Ali Gholamreza Zahabi
Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics from University Sains Malaysia
M.A in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Islamic Azad University
B.A. in English Language Translation from Islamic Azad University
Dr. Budi Waluyo
Ph.D. in Philosophy Comparative and International Education from Lehigh University
M.A. in Educational Technology and TESOL from University of Manchester
B.A. in English Education from Universitas Bengkulu

Ms. Theresia Diah Retno Pratiwi

M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Old Dominion University

M.A. in Creative Writing from University of Maryland
B.A. In English from Universitas Indonesia

Mr. Chase Jacob Noonan
M.A. in Teaching (Secondary) from University of Western Sydney
Post-Graduate Diploma in TESOL from University of Western Sydney
B.A. in Music from University of Western Sydney
Mrs. Damar Isti Pratiwi
M.A. in Education from Post Graduate Programs from Semarang State University
B.A. in Education from English department from Semarang State University
Mr. Andy Noces Cubalit
Ph.D. in Educational Management and Pedagogy from Philippine Christian University
M.A. in Education Educational Admin. & Supervision from Benguet State University
B.A. in Theology from Philippine Nazarene College
 Mr. Kiki Juli Anggoro
M.A. in Education in Technology and Educations from Naresuan University
B.A. in English Language Education from Yogyakarta State University
Mr. Junifer leal Bucol
M.A. in School Management  from West Visayas State University
M.A. in Ministry Inter-Cultural Studies from Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Teaching English for Student of Other Languages from Canadian International College
B.A. in Theology Central from Philippine Adventist College
 Mr. Mark Bedoya Ulla
M.A. in English Language Teaching from Mindanao State University
Certificate of Teaching in Professional Education Subjects from Father Saturnino Urios University
TESOL Professional Development Certificate
B.A. in English from Mindanao State University