Mr. David John Weatherby

B.A. General Arts
M.A. Linguistics and TESOL

Mr. Bernard Lloyd Heppell
B.A.History & Geography
P.G.C.E English & Gen. Studies
M.A.Applied Linguistics
M.Sc.Mgt. Information Systems

Mr. Chase Noonan

Mr. Neil J. Phillips

BA.Science Social Ecology

Mr. Rafal L. Redlinski
MA.Creative Writing

Mr. Donald Reedy
BA. Foreign Languages
MA.Masters of Science in Education – TESOL
PhD. Lifelong Learning – Multicultural Education

Mr. Albert A. Braga
BA. Economics(BSE.English)

Mr. Junifer L Bucol
BA. Theology
MA. Inter-cultural study

Mr. Mark B Ulla
BA. English
MA.English Language Teachin

Mr. Mohamadreza Jafari
BA.English Language Translation
MA.TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Phd. TESL (Teaching /English as Second Language)

Mr. Ali Zahabi
BA.English Langauge Translation
MA.TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
PhD.Applied Linguistics

Kawinthon Chumtong
Master of Arts in English for Careers
Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature